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What Are The Best Places To Travel In The Middle East

When wehear about Middle East, the first two things that come to our minds are war and political turmoil. Some of the prominent countries located in the Middle East include Turkey, UAE, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt. Yes, the region has been a place for many wars but it is also culturally very rich. There is a lot of history in this area. There are many amazing places one can travel to. Where there are certain places like Tel Aviv or Jerusalem that are visited by millions of people from the West every year, there are also certain neighbouring regions that also offer a great travelling experience.


Istanbul is a city located in Turkey and is enriched with architecture, such as the Hagia Sophia Museum, and culture inspired and rooted by the multiple empires that once ruled there. The Ottoman-era Sultan Ahmet Mosque, which is also known as the Blue Mosque is one of the most popular and beautiful places in all of Turkey and the world. It has many historical artefacts that were once owned by the royals. Near the blue mosque is a famous spice market and a huge bazaar where locals set up to sell many different culturally inspired products. The Galata Area is famously known for its prehistoric tower as well as its lavish boutiques. Another famous spot in this area is the Galata Bridge where many locals and tourists can go for fishing.


Cairo is the beautiful capital city of Egypt and is located on the Nile River. It is another culturally enriched and historically famous location in the Middle East. In the centre of Cairo is the renowned Tahrir Square and Egyptian Museum which include many different artefacts including King Tutankhamun’s antiques and royals that were mummified. Cairo has many historically renowned spots that one should visit including The Khan el-Khalili, which is a grand bazaar, where a vast variety of culturally inspired products are sold. However, the most well-knownplaces are The Giza Necropolis, this is where the Great Pyramids and The Sphinx is located, one of the most historically famous places and a real site to see. Cairo also has The Pyramid of Djoser, the pyramids that were built by Pharaoh, that are heavily featured in many popular movies.


Baalbek, is located in Lebanon, which houses another one of the most historically famous places, The Giant Roman ruins. Even in today’s era, some of the ruins of the Roman Empire are still relatively well preserved. These ruins are located just outside of Rome and are very popular with tourists. Another reason to visit Lebanon is that everyone should experience their rich and dynamic culture, amazing music and hospitable people. No one does it like the Lebanese.

While there are many locations in the world, where you can reconnect with nature, with many different serene sights, it is also just as important to experience the different cultures of the many different ethnicities and religions that inhabit this planet, its time we reconnect with each other. Travel opens our eyes to all the wondrous places in the world; reconnect with your world’s history, today.

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