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Travelling Alone vs. Travelling with Friends

Planning up a whole trip by yourself can seem to be a bit overwhelming, that is why it is all the more courageous, to travel all by yourself. Even if you choose to travel with a friend, it is pivotal to have a companion who is as interested in travelling as you may be.And if you have no friends to travel with, then choosing to go alone turns out to be a great option. There are upsides and downfalls, of whether you choose to travel by yourself or with a friend. But both provide lifetime experiences.

Travelling Alone

  • Having Independence

Travelling alone means having the freedom to do whatever you want, without any restrictions. Travelling alone can turn out to be a liberating experience for someone who has lived the entirety of their lives in their home. It can be liberating as you get to experience certain things all by yourself, whether it’s exploring different places alone or the idea of being in a foreign place.

  • Exploring Places

Along with having complete freedom to whatever you want, you can choose to explore places as you desire. It can be from little street shops to venturing out to explore historical sites, or staying in the hotel room all day.

  • Meeting New People

If you are an introvert, travelling alone will help you grow as a person by getting rid of the hesitation of talking to new people. When you meet new people, you learn more about their history, culture.

  • Spending Wisely

Travelling alone also means reconsidering where you spend your money. If you travel alone, and smartly, you won’treally overspend, as it tends to happen if you are with someone else.

  • Feeling Lonely

The top most downside of travelling alone can be that you start to feel lonely. Even though it feels liberating to be on your own, there comes a time when you miss home or your friends.

Travelling with Friends

  • Shared Experiences

If you can travel with your friend anywhere, then it can turn out to be one of the most fulfilling life experiences. Travelling with friends allows you to have shared experiences, which you keep with you forever.

  • Shared Budget

Travelling with your friends can also curb expenses, as you divide the overall cost of the travel. Sometimes there are also certain discounts available when you are travelling in a group.

  • Support

Even if you get ill on the trip, your friends are there to help treat you, which can be a great relief. In comparison to when you are travelling alone, there’s no one to help.

  • Security

When you are travelling alone, you have to often stay on edge at all times. But when you are travelling with your friends, it seems less daunting.

  • Less Space

One of the downsides of travelling with your friends can be the lack of space. Some people find it suffocating to be surrounded by people at all times.

Final Word

Every person is different, the preferences are different. Some tend to travel alone while others prefer travelling with friends and family. Whoever you are, wherever you travel to and whoever you travel with make sure you enjoy your experience to the maximum level.

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