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A Guide to Travelling the Maldives on a Budget

The Maldives – fondly called the ‘blue country’ – is a dream tropical destination for everyone. You can’t help but picture the bungalows set over the ocean, clear waters, and white sands. The islands can be summed up in one word as ‘perfect’. 

Maldives’ economy thrives on tourism and with most of the islands being private properties, there’s a major contribution to the country’s economy in that aspect. It’s no surprise that you’re likely to skip this place if you’re on a budget but that is about to change. 

Why? Because you can travel around this expensive island chain on a budget. 

Here’s how…

Get Cheap Accommodation.

Thankfully, local guesthouses and B&B [bed and breakfast] have made it possible to get affordable accommodation in the Maldives. You can access these accommodation options at a cheaper price than would be required to reach the privately-owned resorts…plus, they cost less to reside in too.

So if you’re looking for the best way to find cheap accommodation, you should try out Airbnb which would give you plenty of lodging options ranging from about $45 to $100 per night. If you pick the Water Breeze Guesthouse in Maafushi for example, you’d get a fancy room for about $65 per night with buffet breakfast. 

What about the food? Well, you’d not only get meals with more local flavor, but they’re also way cheaper when compared to the expensive resorts which charge over $200 per meal for one person. Sounds great, right?

Tip: Since almost all the lodging-houses offer free breakfast, you could stock up and skip lunch, this way you’d only pay for dinner. The restaurants charge around $10 for dinner which we think is quite reasonable.

Island Hop on a Budget.

From the many islands, you should consider these three to save expenses:

  • Maafushi, South Male Atoll:  This Island is about 30 minutes away from the international airport and has lots of affordable food and accommodation options.
  • Fulidhoo, Vaavu Atoll: If you love scuba diving or marine life, this is the Island for you. It’s quiet and less populated making it a perfect relaxation spot. 
  • Ukulhas, North Ari Atoll: This Island is ideal if you want to get closer to manta rays and hammerhead sharks in the right season.

Activities in the Maldives.

Beyond relaxing at the beach, there are many things for you to be a part of while in the Maldives. There are many one-day trips for you to choose and can embark on that would be worth your while. Just make sure you book your trip through the lodging house you’re staying in.

You can only get to the resorts by a speedboat or seaplane which is quite costly but to curb this, ask around if there’s a fishing boat available to save you the high cost.

The Maldives might never become a cheap tropical destination but with careful planning and effort, you’re sure to have the best of both worlds.

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